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Character Reference: Brian Edmiston

I worked with Brian Edmiston for the greater part of 2010. I was a part-time delivery driver at Dominos Pizza, and he was a fellow driver. I was working as a delivery driver on top of my day job as a sales manager for a software company in Denver, CO. I have been involved in the hiring process in previous jobs; and therefore I recognize good work habits and character qualities. As a result of my experiences, I can confidently illustrate the characteristics that make Brian an excellent employee.

If I were to sum up Brian Edmiston’s character in two words, it would be easy to choose the right words: “true hustle.” In my experience, Brian is one of those rare people who understands the value of hard work. He is a focused and professional individual, exhibiting the character qualities of initiative, diligence, and determination.

Initiative is “recognizing and doing what needs to be done before I am asked to do it.” Brian is a living definition of initiative. Brian is an employee who rarely needs to be told what to do. He is attentive and active; always on the move. As I co-worker, I was both challenged and motivated by Brian’s constant initiative. Brian demonstrated to me that there was always something useful to be doing, and he made it his business to find it and do it. His initiative is a great example to the people around him.

Diligence is “investing all my energy to complete the tasks assigned to me.” Brian consistently exhibited diligence throughout the course of my time working with him. This character quality runs hand in hand with his initiative. Diligence is the way in which you do the thing the thing that needs to be done. Brian is the kind of person who throws himself into his work with singular focus and intensity. He is a master of good old fashioned “hustle.” This habit of diligence is so consistent with Brian, it’s difficult to even isolate a particular example. When I think of Brian, I get a mental picture of him dashing back and forth across the kitchen, from make line to dish room to phone to register. If I were hiring for any position that required raw hustle, manpower, and productivity, Brian would rise to the top of my list. His diligence truly sets tone of professionalism and excellence within the group.

Many times I during the course of working with Brian, I commented to him that he was the “hardest working man in pizza.” This came from a genuine respect for his initiative and diligence. Many people have a sense of entitlement, like the world owes them a favor. Not so with Brian. Brian is willing to work for what he gets, and he appears to be internally motivated. In other words, he works hard because that is who he is. It’s not dependent upon his surroundings, or how he is treated. He punches the clock, fully expecting to work for every penny he makes. I feel confident that he would work just as hard no matter where he was working; whether in food service, in auto mechanics, or in any other job field. He is a rare and talented individual, and I believe he will contribute tirelessly to fulfill the goals of any employer.

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Johnny Adam Levy
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My definitions for character traits come from the Character First curriculum of the “49 Character Qualities.”

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