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Character Reference: Lauren Bopp

I worked for Lauren Bopp for the greater part of 2010. I was a part-time delivery driver at Dominos Pizza, and she was the assistant store manager. I was working as a delivery driver on top of my full time day job as a sales manager for a software company in Denver, CO. In my job as a sales manager, I have learned to be attentive to people and observant of situations. I have been involved in the hiring process in previous jobs; and therefore I recognize good work habits and character qualities. As a result of these experiences, I feel that I can confidently illustrate the characteristics that make Lauren an excellent employee.

Lauren is a natural leader, demonstrating the boldness necessary to organize groups and keep them moving towards a common goal. She is the kind of person you can trust with responsibility. She is also a hard worker, exhibiting diligence in the tasks assigned to her. Lauren will be an excellent addition to any team requiring a strong and focused leader and a diligent worker who will help organize a group and keep it focused on the goals at hand.

Boldness is “confidence that what I have to say or do is right, just, and true.” The opposite of this character trait is “fearfulness.” Boldness is important, because it enables a person, especially a leader, to take the difficult step of confrontation, when necessary, to help a group achieve its goals. Often leaders are so obsessed with what people think of them, it renders them ineffective in taking necessary steps to ensure group unity and productivity. Lauren is very goal oriented, and willing to confront laziness or lack of focus in others in order to ensure that the group is functioning productively. She can actively re-direct people who are wandering or off task. She also works hard, which gives her the credibility needed to call others to a higher standard of achievement. Lauren’s boldness was a comfort and a positive experience for me. With Lauren, you know where you stand. This is a rare gift, and I appreciate it in her.

Diligence is “investing my time and energy to complete each task assigned to me.” The opposite of this character quality is “slothfulness.”Lauren  is anything but slothful. She stays active, works hard, and takes personal responsibility to complete tasks assigned to her. She knows where she needs to be, and what she needs to be doing, and you will constantly see her focused and invested in exactly where her efforts are needed the most. For example, as an assistant manager, she often has to work the make line when large orders come through. The last time I worked we had several uncharacteristically large orders, and she was fairly short-handed at the time. But if you were to look at the make line, this is what you would have seen: Lauren Bopp, head down, eyes focused, hands moving quickly, plowing through without complaint. No one can deny the fact that she works as hard as, or harder than, anyone. She brings diligence to the workplace, which raises the bar for everyone.

I will also note here that she is a good delegator, which is another mark of a good leader. The circumstance I illustrated above is a great example. In the midst of the fray, when large orders came in and everyone was scrambling, Lauren was a rock in the midst of all the troubled water. If you were there, you would have seen and heard an army general, quickly isolating what needed to be done and delegating individuals to take care of it, and simultaneously jumping into her share of the work: “Johnny, grab the phones. Andrew, get the cut table!” This is such a valuable skill, and it seems to come naturally to her. It’s great for the group, because she provides a flash of focus in the midst of seeming chaos, unifying and empowering individuals to stay on track and get the job done.

Finally, Lauren is also kind and easy to work with – she is a reasonable person. And in the hands of a reasonable person, these kinds of character qualities can produce wonderful effects in the workplace. Lauren is a rare talent. Her boldness, diligence, and sense of justice make her an excellent contributor towards the general good in the work environment. I wholeheartedly recommend her for any position for which she is qualified.

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Johnny Adam Levy
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